Dabur Amla Hair Oil

Dabur Amla Hair Oil is the world's no. 1 Hair Oil trusted by mothers for the past 125 years. Dabur Amla Hair Oil has come to be known as a mother’s primary choice for her family. A head massage with the original Dabur Amla Hair Oil 

Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil

Is your hair dry & damaged? Hard water, sun heat & blow drying may damage the outer protective layer making your hair feel dry & damaged. Presenting Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil! It's unique, natural & lightweight formula is enriched with Amla, Almond & Henna which nourishes, moisturizes & shields hair from dryness giving you strong, soft & shiny hair

Dabur Amla Jasmine Hair Oil

Harsh chemicals in hair dyes may make hair dry, rough & brittle. Dabur Amla Jasmine Hair Oil is especially made for women who color their hair and need a refreshing fragrance to complement their outlook. Presenting Dabur Amla Jasmine Hair Oil with the goodness of Jasmine, Vitamin E, Rosemary & Amla which repairs hair of damage done by hair colors & gives it a healthy shine!

Dabur Amla Anti Dandruff Hair oil

Dandruff and scalp related problems affects 47% of men and women. Dabur Amla Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil helps remove dandruff and fight its reoccurrence. The oil nourishes the hair and scalp giving healthy flake free hair. This oil is enriched with Amla which nourishes and strengthens hair from the roots to make it long, strong and beautiful. Lemon removes excess oil. Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis )- The detoxifying and disinfecting attributes of rosemary oil, combined with its invigorating qualities, make your scalp and hair healthy and flake-free with regular use. Dabur Amla Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil fights dandruff from 1st use onwards and soothes dry, itchy scalp.

Dabur Amla Cooling Hair Oil

A combination of heat & stress can lead to headache & fatigue. That is why you need a gentle massage with Dabur Amla Cooling Hair Oil before you sleep everyday. It has the potent combination of natural ingredients which soothes scalp giving you instant comfort from heat & stress, reduces fatigue & strengthens hair. Mint Oil- Gives cooling sensation & soothes scalp

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