Dabur Amla Shampoo - Keratin

Has your hair become thin & limp over prolonged usage of styling and heat treatments? Does your hair feel dry with regular shampooing?Now discover the 1st ever Dabur Amla Crme Shampoo fortified with hydrolyzed Keratin that deeply repairs hair damage and restores hair strength. Dabur Amla Crme Shampoo nourishes to give you thick, smooth and beautiful hair from root to tip with added volume and bounce. Why Keratin? Keratin is the building block that forms the natural structure of hair. It makes hair extremely tough, elastic and resistant from external damages.

Dabur Amla Shampoo -Vitamin

Is your hair losing its natural oils due to regular shampoos? Does your hair lack the natural sheen and nourishment and is prone to external damages?Now discover the 1st ever Dabur Amla Crme Shampoo fortified with Amla MultiVitamins that provides intensive nourishment to hair from root to tip. Why Vitamins? MultiVitamins C & E are antioxidants that are known to maintain the health of hair and scalp. Vitamins B5 & E help repair and nourish along the entire length of hair to give healthy hair that is soft and silky smooth.

Dabur Amla Shampoo - Snake Oil

Does regular shampooing, blow-drying & chemical treatments damage your hair structure? Do you suffer from split ends and hair breakage?Now discover the 1st ever Dabur Amla Crme Shampoo with Amla Snake Oil essentials that coats the entire length of hair and helps repair split ends to give you revitalized hair that shines with life. Why Snake Oil? Amla Snake Oil essentials fortified with Amla Silica Complex replenishes lost oils, binds and helps repair split ends.

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