DermoViva Fairness Glow Face Wash

DermoViva Fairness Glow Cream Face Wash is infused with fairness enhancing herbal ingredients like Saffron, Turmeric and Sandalwood that cleanses effectively, ensuring an even skin tone for a belmish-free, brighter complexion.

DermoViva Moisture Plus Face Wash

DermoViva Moisture Plus Gel Face Wash is infused with moisture boosing herbal ingredients like Almond, Aloe Vera and Honey that cleanses effectively, maintaining critical moisture for an energized, revitalized fresh look.

DermoViva Oil Control Face Wash

DermoViva Oil Control Gel Face Wash is infused with oil controling herbal ingredients like Tea Tree, Grape Seed and Green Lime that cleanses effectively, removing impurities for a clear, matte look.

DermoViva Neem Pore Cleansing Daily Exfoliating Face Wash

DermoViva Neem Daily Exfoliating Face Wash is a refreshing face wash with natural scrubbing granules (no plastic beads) that is gentle enough for daily use. It deeply cleanses skin to remove impurities from the pores making your pimple prone skin feel refreshed.

DermoViva Rose Soothing Daily Exfoliating Face Wash

DermoViva Rose Daily Exfoliating Face Wash cleanses your delicate facial skin from deep within while maintaining the essential moisture balance of your skin. Its natural scrubbing granules help purify your skin in a gentle manner so you can use it daily. With rose extracts, known to soothe and hydrate skin, it leaves behind a lasting fragrance that you'll love!

DermoViva Apricot Invigorating Daily Exfoliating Face Wash

DermoViva Apricot Daily Exfoliating Face Wash gently exfoliates your skin every day to help clear blackheads and dead skin cells along with impurities. Its herbal ingredients and natural scrubbing granules are gentle on your face and maintain the moisture balance leaving your skin refreshed and invigorated.

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