DermoViva Fragranced Talc - Classic Rose

Experience DermoViva Classic Rose Talc, a soft and smooth talc perfumed with the fragrance of Pink English rose petals. This sweet smelling talcum is irresistible and enthralling, a companion very hard to leave.

DermoViva Fragranced Talc - Forest Jasmine

Experience DermoViva Forest Jasmine Talc, an intensely perfumed talcum powder which will uplift your senses and leave your skin smelling intensely fresh, fragrant and floral. An ideal accompaniment for making your day or night feeling like a fresh field of jasmine flowers.

DermoViva Fragranced Talc - French Lavender

Experience DermoViva French Lavender Talc, a high quality talc, enriched with fragrances of French Lavender. A little sprinkle will envelope you with the subtle, sweet, fragrance of lavender fields leaving you with a feeling of soothing and relaxation.

DermoViva Fragranced Talc - Sensual Sandal

Experience DermoViva Sensual Sandal Talc, a luxurious talcum powder which leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft & fragrant. A perfect pampering treat, this beautifully perfumed talc with deep woody, warm and sensual notes of Sandalwood will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated all day long.

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