Vatika Hair Fall Control Conditioner

Discover the true herbal recipe for intensive nutrition in Vatika Hair Fall Control Conditioner, enriched with select natural extracts of Cactus, Garlic and Gergir that help control hair fall. Hair Type- Breaking, Falling, Weak Hair. Benefits- Strengthens & Nourishes. Natural Ingredients- Cactus Treatment Cream with Garlic & Gergir

Vatika Moisture Treatment Conditioner

Discover the true herbal recipe for intensive hydration in Vatika Moisture Treatment Conditioner. Enriched with select natural extracts of Almond, Honey and Yogurt, it makes your hair smooth & without weighing it down! Hair Type - Dry, Frizzy, Coarse Hair. Benefits- Smoothens Hair, Adds Shine & Manageability. Natural Ingredients- Almond Treatment Cream with Honey & Yoghurt

Vatika Nourish and Protect Conditioner

Discover the true herbal recipe for intensive nutrition in Vatika Nourish & Protect Conditioner. Enriched with select natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Henna and Olive, it softens and vitalizes your hair. Hair Type - Fine Thin & Limp Hair. Benefits- Thickens and Boosts Volume. Natural Ingredients- Coconut Cream with Castor and Henna

Vatika Repair & Restore Conditioner

Discover the true herbal recipe for intensive nutrition in Vatika Repair & Restore Conditioner. It is enriched with select natural extracts of Egg and Honey for strong, re-vitalised hair! Hair Type- Damaged, Split Hair. Benefits- Repairs, Revitalizes & Fortifies Hair. Natural Ingredients- Egg Treatment Cream with Honey

Vatika Volume and Thickness Conditioner

Discover the true herbal recipe for boosting hair volume and thickening of hair. Enriched with selected natural extracts of Coconut, Castor and Henna, the Vatika Volume & Thickness Conditioner helps to boost volume and thicken your hair on regular use. Hair Type- Normal Hair. Benefits- Softens & Vitalizes Hair. Natural Ingredients- Olive, Henna, Aloe Vera and Almond

Vatika Argan Conditioner

Vatika Argan Conditioner uses the unique properties of Argan to moisturize and soften hair. Known as Liquid Gold in Morocco, from where it is sourced, Argan is an extremely rare and expensive ingredient that is gaining popularity worldwide in hair care because of its ability to replenish, moisturize and soften dry, wavy and unmanageable hair. Hair Type- Dry, Wavy, Unmanageable Hair. Benefits- Replenishes Moisture & Softens Hair

Vatika Black Seed Conditioner

Vatika Black Seed Conditioner uses a powerful ingredient renowned known as The Seed of Blessing in Islam, Black Seed adds strength and shine and offers complete protection against damaged, falling and dull hair. We have selected the best Black seeds of the world, especially sourced from Turkey! Black Seed shampoo and conditioners are especially formulated with black berry and Henna extract over and above the Black Seed extracts which results in better strength and shine of hair. Hair Type - For Damaged, Falling & Dull Hair. Benefits- Strength & Shine

Vatika Garlic Conditioner

Vatika Garlic Conditioner is rich in anti-toxins that help cleanse hair follicles and promote natural hair growth. Even though Garlic is widely available all over the world, it is especially sourced from Spain, which is know to have the best Garlics! Hair Type- For breaking, falling and weak hair. Benefits- Promotes natural hair growth

Vatika Black Olive Conditioner

Discover the true herbal solution for natural black shine and strong hair with Vatika Black Olive Conditioner! Made with the finest Mediterranean Black Olives, it gives your hair a youthful shine and make them extra strong.

Vatika Henna Conditioner

Are you suffering from dry and rough hair? Discover the true herbal solution for soft and silky hair. Vatika Henna Conditioner, made from the finest Henna, makes your hair silky, soft and beautiful!

Vatika Olive Conditioner

Is your hair weak, brittle and malnourished? Now, discover the true herbal solution for Extra Nourishment. Made with the finest Olives from the Mediterranean, Vatika Olive Conditioner, contains natural active ingredients that give your hair extra nourishment, for soft and revitalized hair.

Vatika Egg Conditioner

Egg is known to be rich in nutrients. Egg protein is known tohelp make hair stronger, less brittle therefore making them thick & beautiful. Moreover, Vitamin E also helps to restore hair vitality. Vatika Egg Conditioner has been scientifically formulated to make hair stronger and more resilient for naturally beautiful thick hair!

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