Vatika Dandruff Guard Styling Hair Cream

Vatika Dandruff Guard Hair Cream is enriched with lemon & tea tree with antibacterial & astringent properties that help combat & remove dandruff and almond that nourishes & strengthens hair, leaving behind a healthy scalp & beautiful hair. Leave your dandruff worries behind with Vatika Dandruff Guard Hair Cream!

Vatika Hairfall Control Styling Hair Cream

Vatika Hairfall Control Hair Cream is specially designed with ingredients such as Cactus that is known to combat hair loss while other ingredients such as Olive & Henna to provide your hair the intensive nourishment that your hair deserves. So wave goodbye to hairfall with Vatika Hairfall Control Hair Cream!

Vatika Extreme Moisturizing Styling Hair Cream

Vatika Extreme Moisturizing Hair Cream is enriched with Honey that moisturizes hair, Aloe Vera that coats hair and helps seal-in the moisture and Almond that helps give it a silky soft feel. With Vatika Extreme Moisturizing Hair Cream, your hair will be softer, smoother and easier to manage than ever! Hair Type- Dry, Frizzy, Coarse Hair. Benefits- Smoothens, Adds Shine & Manageability. Natural Ingredients- Almond Treatment Cream with Honey & Aloe Vera

Vatika Nourish & Protect Styling Hair Cream

Vatika Nourish & Protect Hair Cream is enriched with Henna, Almond & Aloe Vera which nourishes your hair and locks in the nutrients by creating a layer to protect it from external influences like dust, sand, and heat on your hair strands. Now let unhealthy hair be the last of your worries with Vatika Nourish & Protect Hair Cream! Hair Type- Normal Hair. Benefits- Softens & Vitalizes Hair

Vatika Volume & Thickness Styling Hair Cream

Vatika Volume & Thickness Hair Cream is enriched with coconut that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to add body, henna & almond that nourish & strengthen hair to leave it long, strong & volumized. Think long, strong & thick hair? Think Vatika Volume & Thickness Hair Cream! Hair Type- For Fine, Thin & Limp Hair. Benefits- Thickens Hair & Boosts Volume. Natural Ingredients- Coconut, Almond, Henna

Vatika Night Repair Styling Hair Cream

Vatika Night Repair Hair Cream is enriched with sweet almond, egg protein, castor oil & honey that strengthens, moisturizes & conditions your hair in a new formula that is designed to function till late in the morning. So let Vatika Night Repair Hair Cream work wonders on your hair while you sleep! Hair Type- Damaged, Split Hair. Natural Ingredients - Egg Treatment Cream Castor with Honey

Vatika Moroccan Argan Styling Hair Cream

Argan Oil is popularly known as Liquid Gold in the middle east region because of its intense shine and moisturizing properties for hair. Vatika now brings to you the magic of Argan Oil in hair cream. Discover silky, soft & hydrated hair like never before with the carefully selected Argan Oil from Morocco in this unique hair cream formula from Vatika!

Vatika Turkish Blackseed Styling Hair Cream

Black Seed has been known for centuries for its powerful properties in the ancient cultures of Asia and Middle East. Vatika now brings you the wonders of Black Seed in a styling hair cream. Discover strength & shine with the Turkish Black Seed in this unique hair cream formula. It is non greasy, long lasting and provides natural care and styling for your hair.

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