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The eternal question always on a woman’s mind is “How do I keep my skin soft, youthful, healthy and beautiful? Surrounded by environmental factors that accelerate loss of moisture in skin, coupled with busy and stressful schedules, women need products that are swift and effective in solving their problems.

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  • Jaquline

    To be desirable is her secret desire. Jaquline understands and helps her be just that! Jaquline - the range of hair removal creams enriched with Vitamin E and herbal complexes. The 3 minute depilation formula comes in three variants - Moisturising, Fairness, and Soothing to cater to her skin's needs, and provide irresistably smooth, satin-like skin. For satin-soft desirable skin.. Jaquline!

    • Moisturising Hair Removal Cream

    • Fairness Hair Removal Cream

    • Jaquline Soothing Hair Removal Cream

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