Dabur Real Activ Honey Range Jan,03 2017

Dabur is one of the world’s leading FMCG Companies and one of the most trusted names in the world’s largest Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care Company. The 132-year-old company, promoted by the Burman family, started operating in 1884 as an Ayurvedic medicines company. From its humble beginnings in the bylanes of Calcutta, Dabur has come a long way today to become one of the biggest consumer goods companies with the largest herbal and natural product portfolio in the world. Overall, Dabur has successfully transformed itself from being a family-run business to become a professionally managed enterprise. What sets Dabur apart from the crowd is its ability to change ahead of others and to always set new standards in corporate governance & innovation.

Dabur Honey

Deemed as a top health food across the globe, honey is a wonderful creation. The health properties of this thick golden liquid have been valued since ages. Dabur Real honey is enriched with nature’s choicest herbs and is sourced from the heights of Himalayas and Sunderbans and Spices from the Tropical forests.



4 Flavorful Real Honey Range

Dabur introduced it’s delicious range of Real Activ Honey with a plethora of health benefits

1. Real Activ Honey with Cinnamon:
Taste:Moderately thick texture and a viscous rich cinnamon flavour which perfectly balances the sweetness of the honey
Benefits:Lowers blood sugar levels, reduces heart disease risk factors are some of the few benefits of this product. Add a spoon of Real Activ Honey with Cinnamon to a warm glass of milk to defend Against cognitive decline & protects brain functions

2. Real Activ Honey with Ginger:
Taste:Delicious, gingery, distinct taste with a slight fruity tone
Benefits:Treats Many Forms of Nausea, Morning Sickness and reduced muscle pain and soreness. take a spoonful in the morning and enjoy the delicious taste.

3. Real Activ Honey with Aniseed:
Taste:Earty,Rich & thick with a crunch of the seed. Stringent flavour when biting into the seed. The sweetness creates a well rounded flavour
Benefits: Antiseed is used for treating a variety of conditions. It is considered to help in lowering blood pressure.

4. Real Activ Honey with Cardamom
Taste:Slightly earthy with an essence of nuttiness
Benefits:combines all the beneficial effects of saffron and results in a magic potion


Benefits a teaspoon of Dabur honey has:

• Weight management- A spoonful of honey taken with warm water in the morning is known to aid weight management.
• A healthy substitute to sugar.
• It is known to be a good source of energy as its natural sugar and carbohydrates can easily be digested by the body.
• Aids digestion.
• It is a natural cure for cough and throat irritation.
• Because of its moisturizing and nourishing properties, it keeps your skin clean and glowing.

Benefit from the goodness of honey with a daily dose of Dabur Honey and treat your mind, body and soul to a healthier lifestyle.